Red Flags Staff and Board of Directors


Executive Director: Devi Gursahaney

Devi (Devyani) Gursahaney has worked for over 25 years as an educator, consultant, and workshop facilitator in the areas of diversity, cultural competency, interreligious understanding, and engagement, and interfaith peace-building to inspire practices that promote respect, human dignity and compassionate engagement in service of a world that works for all. With two Masters degrees in Social Work and another in Organizational Development, Devi incorporates a multi-disciplinary and creative approach with “Eastern flair”. Her transnational experiences guide her understanding of the global challenges and opportunities schools and communities face today.   

  In January 2020, Devi became executive director of Red Flags National, a non-profit organization for mental health education and training. She strongly believes in and promotes raising awareness of youth suicide and its impact as a public health issue. Devi challenges the entire secondary school system to commit to helping address mental health crises in youth. Now more than ever, schools and communities must come together to promote recovery, resilience, and hope by providing behavioral health and support services that enhance quality of life.  

  Devi can be reached at 


 Board of Directors

Board President: Uzma Zafar



Secretary: Karyn Morgan



Board Treasurer: David Raynor


Board Member: Sandra Borobicka


Board Member: Janet Goheen


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Using videos for students and low cost materials for teachers and parents, Red Flags offers schools a comprehensive, affordable, common sense approach to basic mental health education.
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