The Framework and Toolkit

The Four Pillars of the Framework:

  • An informed school staff
  • Informed students
  • Informed parents
  • A protocol unique to each school for identifying, referring, and accommodation for students with mental health concerns

Red Flags supports mental health education as a universal prevention strategy with a three-pronged objective: the engagement of the entire school community, the nurture of sound mental health habits and appropriate and timely intervention in the event of mental illness. A basic understanding of mental health can also significantly reduce stigma, and eventually eliminate it.

The toolkit

Red Flags offers materials in a variety of formats that can be used to achieve the objectives of the framework. The toolkit contains reproducible handouts for teachers and school support staff, a booklet and other materials for engaging parents, and video-based curricula for students, complete with reproducible handouts and worksheets. Developed and refined by school personnel over almost twenty years, it is replete with tips, enrichment materials, and referrals to other helpful resources.

Red Flags is not a program. It is a long overdue, refreshingly simple, proactive approach to changing the culture around issues of mental health and schools. Red Flags engages the entire school community, working in tandem with local provider resources, in a practical process that facilitates the development of sound mental health habits and procedures.

In our belief that mental health education need not be difficult, Red Flags is designed to be inexpensive, sustainable, easy to implement, and flexible, without encroaching on academics and normal school routines or requirements.

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Using videos for students and low cost materials for teachers and parents, Red Flags offers schools a comprehensive, affordable, common sense approach to basic mental health education.
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