In the Red Flags program video, Thick ‘n Thin, I like the way the story is told through the eyes of the good friend, thus highlighting the important role friends and classmates play in helping peers battle depression and other mental illnesses. Additionally, the responsibilities of school personnel and parents were clearly communicated.
Thick ‘n Thin definitely speaks to kids at their level while providing pertinent information on mental illness and the associated red flags. Most importantly, the video demonstrates what actions should be taken and the positive consequences of being proactive. I believe that the video will empower kids to take the necessary vital steps in seeking help for themselves or their peers.
Congratulations on creating a video that will speak to diverse audiences on the serious subject of adolescent mental illness that knows no cultural, ethnic or economic boundaries.
– Abbie G. Klein, Ph.D.

Our school district in Risingsun, Ohio has presented the Red Flags Program for approximately 10 years. We have found the program to be valuable to our students. We do the presentation in a 40 minute period in our English classes. The Guidance Counselor and I (School Nurse) present the program together. The material is great and the presentation can be adjusted to work for your school’s schedule.
The program educates the students about mental illness, especially depression. We discuss the fact that the brain can have an illness as any other part of our body. The information we share can also aid a student to help a friend or a family member. The Red Flags booklet is sent home so parents can also have information to become aware of the signs and symptoms of depression at different ages. We have had parents call to thank us for the information as they have used it not only for the junior high student but also for their siblings.
I would recommend this program for any school district interested in helping their students to deal with mental illnesses.
Joyce Mueller, RN
School Nurse, Lakota Local Schools

The nurse from the school using Red Flags contacted me about my son. She thought he might have a problem. At home he spent a lot of time by himself and was very angry. I did not realize my son might have depression. It was good to hear from the nurse that she thought there might be a problem. I thought I was the only one who saw my son this way. His friends said he was always smiling and fun to be around.
I’m so glad this program was available to help my son. I received some literature to read and I took my son to see his pediatrician. He is doing much better now. The school nurse talks with him on occasion at school to keep up to date on how he is doing. I am happy we are all able to work together to help him do well.
– A Thankful Parent

The Red Flags program is an excellent program that compliments the work we are doing. This instructional unit of study on depression in youth is one of the best that I have seen. It is so wonderful to find something that I feel comfortable in recommending to our teachers.
– Linda P. Dunlap
Director of Education
The Jason Foundation, Inc.

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Using videos for students and low cost materials for teachers and parents, Red Flags offers schools a comprehensive, affordable, common sense approach to basic mental health education.
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