feeling good, physically, mentally, and socially is an achievable goal.

Health is one of those things we don’t appreciate until it’s not there; we tend to take our health for granted until we don’t feel good. That includes our mental health.

We know, however, that lack of attention to our health can have severe consequences. The World Health Organization (WHO) says there are three parts to good health: physical health, mental health, and social well-being. If any one of these suffers, the other two suffer as well.

Maintaining Good Mental, Physical and Social Health

Red Flags is specially designed for kids. We want you to feel well because when you are well everything else is easier. You will find under this tab some suggestions for maintaining good mental health. Remember, these suggestions will help you achieve good physical and social health as well. You will also find some signals that may indicate you need some help to get back on track to feeling better emotionally and mentally. We want you know where you can go for help, and because kids often know about kids who need help before adults do, we want you to know how to help a friend.

Mostly, we want you to believe that feeling good, physically, mentally, and socially is an achievable goal. You must take the first steps, but there are many people eager to walk beside you. Feel good about yourself, about others, about your future.

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Using videos for students and low cost materials for teachers and parents, Red Flags offers schools a comprehensive, affordable, common sense approach to basic mental health education.
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